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Barbara J. Lehman

Barbara J. Lehman

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Dr. Lehman's research focuses on the momentary processes involved in stress, coping, and health. She is interested not only in associations between social and family environments and physical health, but also in the developmental, social, and emotional processes that may mediate those relationships. She frequently draws on new statistical approaches, such as tests of mediation and moderation in multilevel modeling, to test theoretically warranted models. Her recent experience sampling research examines physiological and emotional correlates of naturally occurring social evaluative threat, as well as the perpetuation of stress through rumination and negative emotions. Some of her current experimental research focuses on the physiological and emotional consequences of invisible social support. In addition, her lab is currently undertaking a mindfulness meditation experiment. This study will evaluate the momentary processes by which meditation promotes physical and psychological health.

Primary Interests:

  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Attitudes and Beliefs
  • Emotion, Mood, Affect
  • Health Psychology
  • Research Methods, Assessment

Journal Articles:

  • Conley, K. M. & Lehman, B. J. (2012). Test anxiety and cardiovascular responses to daily academic stressors. Stress and Health, 28, 41-50.
  • Kirsch, J. A.. & Lehman, B. J. (2014). Effective social support buffers cardiovascular responses to stress. Stress and Health. doi: 10.1002/smi.2558
  • Lehman, B. J., & Conley, K. M. (2010). Momentary reports of social-evaluative threat predict ambulatory blood pressure. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 1, 51-56.
  • Lehman, B. J., & Crano, W. D. (2002). The pervasive effects of vested interest on attitude-criterion consistency in political judgment. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 38, 101-112.
  • Lehman, B. J., & Repetti, R. (2007). Bad days don’t end when the school bell rings: The lingering effects of negative school events on children’s mood, self-esteem, and perceptions of parent-child interaction. Social Development, 16, 596-618.
  • Lehman, B. J., Taylor, S. E., Kiefe, C. I., & Seeman, T. E. (2009). Relationship of early life stress and psychological functioning to blood pressure in the CARDIA study. Health Psychology, 28, 338-346.
  • Lehman, B. J., Taylor, S. E., Kiefe, C. I., & Seeman, T. E. (2005). Relation of childhood socioeconomic status and family environment to adult metabolic functioning in the CARDIA study. Psychosomatic Medicine, 67, 846-854.
  • Taylor, S. E., Burklund, L. J., Eisenberger, N. I., Lehman, B. J., Hilmert, C. J., & Lieberman, M. D. (2008). Neural bases of moderation of cortisol stress responses by psychosocial resources. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 95, 197-211.
  • Taylor, S. E., Eisenberger, N. I., Saxbe, D., Lehman, B. J., & Lieberman, M. D. (2006). Neural bases of regulatory deficits associated with childhood family stress. Biological Psychiatry, 60, 296-301.
  • Taylor, S. E., Lehman, B. J., Kiefe, C. I., & Seeman, T. E. (2006). Relationship of early life stress and psychological functioning to adult C-reactive protein in the CARDIA study. Biological Psychiatry, 60, 819-824.
  • Taylor, S. E., Lerner, J. S., Sage, R. M., Lehman, B. J., & Seeman ,T. E. (2004). Early environment, emotions, responses to stress, and health. Journal of Personality, 72, 1365-1394.
  • Taylor, S. E., Welch, W. Y., Hilmert, C. J., Lehman, B. J., & Way, B. M. (2006). Early family environment, current adversity, the serotonin transporter (5-HTTLPR) polymorphism, and depressive symptomatology. Biological Psychiatry, 60, 671-676.

Other Publications:

  • Conner, T. S., & Lehman, B. J. (2012). Getting started: Launching a study in daily life (chapter 6). In M. R. Mehl and T. S. Conner (Eds.) Handbook of Research Methods for Studying Daily Life. Guilford Press

Courses Taught:

  • Experimental Methodology and ANOVA
  • Health Psychology
  • Seminar in Social Psychology
  • Social and Personality Development

Barbara J. Lehman
Department of Psychology
Western Washington University
516 High Street, MS 9089
Bellingham, Washington 98225
United States

  • Phone: (360) 650-2212
  • Fax: (360) 650-7305

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